Diversity Statement

“Delivering proficiency through professionalism and respect”
Our team at TelTec Electrical Ltd comes from a wide range of diverse backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. This diversity underpins our professional expertise and experience, which also enables us to have additional understanding and ability to fully meet the needs of all our customers in a multi cultural society and business arena.
Not only are we committed to training and improving our team with the highest possible professional skills and accreditation; we are also committed to providing continuous learning and development in the diversity field.
Diversity is at the forefront of our company principles and culture, our model is uncomplicated but powerful and is centered around and focuses totally towards

Respect for Ourselves
TelTec Electrical ensures that all our internal behaviors create a vibrant and inclusive ethos where all team members are respected and valued. We work, interact and develop as a team with all input being valued.
Respect for Others
TelTec Electrical ensures that our external behaviors create a relationship with our customers; associates and everyone to whom we interact are positive, respectful and valuable. All these interactions enhance our organization and our capability to deliver excellence.

Respect for Difference
TelTec Electrical ensures that our behaviors have total respect for difference whether it is race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, disability and any other difference however small. The experience of difference provides us with the learning and development opportunities that we use to improve our staff, strategies and how we deliver our services.
It improves our performance and ability to deliver with our international customers when we display true recognition, understanding and support cultural difference.