REAP provides TelTec Electrical Ltd with a system that actively involves management in the safety process. It helps to reinforce our philosophy that we have to strive for completing projects where 
It also sends the message that we will not compromise on safety for production or schedule. REAP generates involvement in the safety process and is a tool for management to build relationships with TelTec’s greatest asset, our staff.
By being actively involved with the REAP program, our management team members will learn to improve communication skills so that employees will always make the safe choice. REAP training will assist in helping us to focus not only on unsafe conditions, but also more importantly, on at-risk behaviors. When properly implemented by a project team, REAP will reduce the number of exposures to both unsafe conditions and at-risk behaviors so that the likelihood of an incident occurring is reduced.
  • Increase safety awareness between employee’s; Safety for Self – Safety for Others
  • Improve communication throughout our operations
  • Improve supervisory and management skills
  • Identify future training needs (Safety and Production)
  • Reduce unsafe acts, conditions and resulting injuries 

  • People are the most important part of any Health and Safety Program
  • Incidents are preventable
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility
  • Management is accountable for safety performance
  • Training is an essential element of a safety program
  • Preventing injuries and illness’ is good business for everyone
  • Safe work practices need to be reinforced, unsafe acts and conditions need to be corrected in a timely manner
  • Safety is a condition of employment, if you cannot work safely you cannot work for TelTec Electrical Ltd

  • Supervisory and craft employee attitude, motivation and acceptance
  • Personal responsibility – Safety for Self – Safety for Others
  • Health and Safety Policy and Procedures
  • Training
  • Planning safety into TelTec operations
  • Communication of performance
  • Reinforcement


Leadership is defined as “To go before” and “show the way”. In safety, leadership provides the motivation for others to achieve the goal of working injury and incident free. Throughout the balance of REAP training, TelTec will refer to the act of leadership as Active Safety Leadership. There are many ways that each of us can demonstrate Active Safety Leadership during our normal work duties, some of which include:
  • Training
  • Planning
  • Communication
  • Control
  • Reinforcement

When active safety leadership is demonstrated, there can be a reduction in unsafe acts and conditions, therefore a reduction in the related outcomes of injuries and incidents. Additionally, when you demonstrate Active Safety Leadership, you move from the role of student to teacher and everyone’s job satisfaction improves.


When applied through active safety leadership, the principles of the REAP program can help to produce a work environment free of injuries and other incidents of loss. It is important to remember that REAP exists in all well managed operations because it helps to:

  • Increase safety awareness among all employee’s
  • Instill personal accountability for safety by creating an atmosphere in which all injuries and incidents of loss are considered preventable
  • Organize all levels of the project management team in the common cause of safe production 
  • Reduce the frequency of unsafe acts and conditions in the work environment
  • Improve productivity and profit