Testing & Inspection

All electrical installations on any project will need to be tested. This is a requirement of national electrical codes, contract specifications, electricity at work regulations and can be an insurance prerequisite.

TelTec will maintain an active Testing and Inspection programme throughout the construction phases to ensure any defects are dealt with at an early stage and records are available for audit purposes once the installation has been completed.

This whole planned process can ensure any highlighted problems are not going to be a costly repair once construction is complete and will expedite the whole commissioning process due to the lack of electrical deviations at the end of the project.

Client-approved comprehensive reporting system

provides a full range of Testing and Inspection services on fixed wiring systems, inspecting and testing low to medium voltage systems in commercial, public and industrial premises.

Fixed Installation Testing involves testing the electrical services and systems that conduct electricity around a building. Anything electrical in a building that is fixed such as lighting, power outlets, air conditioning and other fixed plant needs to be tested. TelTec’s objective is to present an unbiased installation assessment.

TelTec will produce a client-approved comprehensive reporting system to suit the installation and relevant codes of practice.

TelTec only employs qualified electricians to carry out all electrical testing work to the highest standard whilst providing the most competitive prices to our clients. We treat each client as an individual, therefore, tailoring each testing program to the needs of each customer.

When testing is being carried out, there is a requirement for parts of the installation to be isolated for periods of time, therefore we offer out of hours testing and will work with the client to perform necessary tasks during shutdown periods.

TelTec’s Testing and Inspection process will give the client:

  • Installation details and Characteristics
  • Circuit information and test results
  • A schedule of items tested and inspected
  • A list of defects or deviations from codes